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Massage Therapist - Donna Howarth

Donna Howarth

Donna Howarth

The Massage Therapist

I often work on people who are at their wits end!

I have been practicing massage since 2012 after graduating from a basic massage course with Tauranga Polytechnical Centre. I have worked alongside Chiropractors and Physios for the past 5 years. I also teach THE BARS which is a form of dynamic energy work.

I became a member of Massage NZ, and as a member I continued my professional development choosing to specialize in Myofascial Release techniques as well as attending Tom Myers Anatomy Trains courses.

I have developed a release technique called Microfascial Segmental Release which is applied to smaller areas of tension with very effective results in releasing tension and breaking up scar tissue within the fascial structure.

The people who come to me are often surprised when their treatment requires that they lie on their backs without having to remove any clothing. I have lots of fun with people and I enjoy working with people who are after change within their bodies.

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