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Massage Therapist - Wiwan Rueangsuwech

Wiwan Rueangsuwech

Wiwan Rueangsuwech

Body and Foot Massage Therapist

My name is Wiwan Rueangsuwech, I am a qualified body and foot massage therapist from The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand. I qualified in 2010, and I specialise in massage for muscle tension and relaxation.

I practiced part-time massage therapy in Sydney, Australia while I was studying another degree of Accounting. After meeting my Kiwi husband I worked in Sydney for two years before we returned to his homeland in New Zealand in 2017. As my life changes I have become more focused on health and wellbeing.

I have added to my previous experience and added more knowledge around this, until now I am ready to resume my massage practice.
In April ‘Pure Massage’ began in the Whakatane Sunday markets. Many market goers and stall owners have been enthusiastic at having this service offered and have asked for it to be available during the week as well. I am excited at being able to now offer massage from Koru Clinic.

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