Hand Therapy

Rehabilitation for the hand and upper limb

You experience so much of your world through your hands. Whether it’s your work, your sport, or the people or activities that matter most to you, we know that even small struggles can have a big impact on how you take care of yourself and connect with others.

Therefore, our aim is to help your hands function in a way that lets you get back to giving your best to whatever it is you love.

As hand therapists, we’re focused solely on treating injuries and conditions of the hand and upper limb.

With over 30 years combined hand therapy experience, and a genuine passion for helping people, we formed The Hand Therapy Group to provide superior, accessible hand therapy to the community.

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If you would like to book an appointment for hand therapy then please call the clinic on 07 308 6350  or to make a booking for hand therapy online then please click the book online button.

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