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If you would like to book an appointment for hand therapy then please call the clinic on 07 308 6350  or to make a booking for hand therapy online then please click the book online button.

What To Expect

How To Make An Appointment

You do not need a GP referral to make an appointment.

Appointments can be made either by calling the clinic on 07 308 6350 or directly using online booking.


You will be given a general health questionnaire to fill out giving brief details of your current condition and how it is affecting your life, previous or current health problems, family medical history and current relevant lifestyle information.

If your problem is accident related then an ACC form can be filled out at this time.


We will carry out a clinical examination which can include evaluation of your posture and movement, orthopaedic testing, a neurological evaluation and palpation of the joints and muscles. This will form a functional assessment which is a thorough and methodical screen of the entire locomotor system for the “weak link.” Basically, we search for the movements and positions which reproduce your own pain. This is essential to identify what is generating pain and sources of biomechanical overload in the whole system – identifying causes rather than just treating symptoms.

The functional assessment aims  to identify a gap between what you can do and your functional goals. The result of this functional assessment will form the blueprint for your care. We aim for a self-care and goal-oriented approach which is both functional and empowering.

Same Day Treatment

After the examination an explanation for your symptoms your prognosis and a treatment plan will be discussed. You are encouraged to ask any questions so that your concerns can be addressed. The great majority of patients receive treatment on the first visit.

If necessary you will be referred for further examination and tests (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) before we proceed to any treatment. We will also inform you if chiropractic care is not suitable for you and refer accordingly.

Your first visit can last up to one hour.

Follow Up Appointments

Every patient and problem is different and the number of treatments you will require will depend on many factors such as how long you have had a problem, previous history of injury,  how bad it is and your overall health. Because of this treatment plans are tailored to each person individually.

Exercises and minor lifestyle modifications may form part of your treatment plan and should be considered part of your treatment to gain maximum benefit.

Each treatment will build on the one before and as such missed visits can interfere with the momentum necessary to make the needed changes. You should receive a text reminder the evening before your next appointment and please advise us immediately if you are unable to attend so we can offer your appointment to someone else.

Follow-up appointments last 10-15 minutes however treatment times can vary depending on the needs of the patient.

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